40 / 10: 40 Jahre Sammlung - 10 Jahre Museum Frieder Burda

Autor Adriani, Götz / Burda, Frieder / Irrgang, Judith / Kugelmann, Anke / Müller, Hans-Joachim / Pehnt, Wolfgang / Schwarz, Katrin
Datum 2014
Verlag Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern
Details Hardcover, 336 Seiten
ISBN 9783775739061, 3775739068
Sprache Deutsch

Published to accompany the exhibition 40 | 10. 40 Jahre Sammlung – 10 Jahre Museum Frieder Burda, this catalogue looks at Burda’s collecting activities over the last 40 years. It also provides an overview of the museum’s exhibitions of the last 10 years.


One of the most comprehensive bodies of works are paintings by Gerhard Richter, whose work has played a crucial role since the beginning of Burda’s collection. Burda was particularly fascinated by the versatility of Richter's paintings, whose figurative and non-figurative art are of the same importance in his oeuvre. 


Richter’s works have featured in the majority of exhibitions held at the museum. Due to his prominent role in the collection, and with the help of loans, a large retrospective took place in the museum in 2008. The exhibition Gerhard Richter. Bilder aus privaten Sammlungen was a survey of 40 years of Richter’s work as a painter and emphasised his significance as an artist.


The catalogue contains an interview with collector Frieder Burda as well as written contributions by Hans-Joachim Müller and Wolfgang Pehnt.

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