Hyper Real. Die Passion des Realen in der Malerei und Fotografie

Autor Neuburger, Susanne / Köb, Edelbert / Ledebur, Benedikt / Ammann, Jean-Christophe / Franzen, Brigitte / Farber, Monika
Datum 2010
Verlag Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln
Details Hardcover, 350 Seiten
ISBN 9783902490704
Sprache Englisch, Deutsch

Hyper Real is a catalogue that was published to coincide with the exhibitions of the Irene und Peter Ludwig Foundation in Vienna, Aachen and Budapest. Irene and Peter Ludwig were amongst the first to collect photorealist works of art. For the first time in history, a complete inventory of their photorealist collection is examined.

The essays address the connection between painting and photography and the reference of art to reality is discussed with regards to photography. This has been the case with Gerhard Richter especially, who frequently used photographic source images for his paintings. The catalogue discusses some of Gerhard Richter’s landscapes.

With a foreword by Brigitte Franzen and Edelbert Köb and contributions by Susanne Neuburger, Benedikt Ledebur, Jean-Christophe Ammann, Brigitte Franzen and Monika Farber.

Folgende Kunstwerke werden im Buch dargestellt, erwähnt und/oder diskutiert:

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