Gerhard Richter


About Sinbad

100 paintings, 2008
30 x 24 cm (each)
Enamel on back of glass
Catalogue Raisonné: 905/1-100

These small works behind glass might be considered to explore notions of chance and abstraction, which are often discussed in relation to other works by Richter, most recently in Cathedral Window [CR: 900] and 4900 Colours [CR: 902], both 2007.

The paintings in this series are autonomous works arranged as pairs.

Sinbad is the first series of works by Richter that alludes to The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights), and was followed in 2010 by Aladdin [CR: 913/1-42], a cycle of 42 paintings that are also painted on the back of glass.

The images are arranged in accordance with the display of Sinbad as part of Gerhard Richter. Abstract Paintings at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany (18 October 2008 – 01 February 2009).

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