Zeichnungen 1950–1990 aus dem Kaiser Wilhelm Museum Krefeld und der Sammlung Helga und Walther Lauffs

Drawings 1950–1990 from the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum Krefeld and the Helga and Walther Lauffs Collection

Erholungshaus, Kulturhaus der Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany

14 April 1996 – 19 May 1996


1977 21.9 cm x 17.4 cm

Watercolour on graph paper

Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Krefeld, Germany

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Richter Verlag, Düsseldorf (1999)


Hardback, 153 pages




German, English


Solo Exhibitions
ArtworkMentioned: pp. 7, 19, 135 
Illustrated: p. 39 (colour) 


For the artist, producing works on paper creates a reflective distance from his painterly oeuvre. It is clearly evident that time and time again Richter returns to watercolours when his oil work moves into a new direction

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Gerhard Richter. Aquarelle = Watercolors 1964 - 1997 Schwarz, Dieter  1999

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Zeichnungen 1950-1990 aus dem Kaiser-Wilhelm-Museum Krefeld und der Sammlung Helga und Walther Lauffs Heynen, Julian / Egenhofer, Silke / Johannes, Silke  1996