Große Kunstausstellung München 1965. 14 Aspekte heutiger Kunst

Author Motte, Manfred de la
Date 1965
Publisher Süddeutscher Verlag, München
Details Softcover, 235 pages
Language German

The catalogue documents the annual exhibition Große Kunstausstellung München at Haus der Kunst that was held in Munich in 1965. It contains, amongst others, the special exhibition 14 Aspekte heutiger Kunst, which was organized by Neue Gruppe and showed three works by Gerhard Richter. The exhibition completes the diversity of the German art scene with contemporary contributions.


The catalogue includes an image of Gerhard Richter’s work Two Fiats [CR: 67] alongside the works by Peter Brüning, Rupprecht Geiger, Winfried Gaul, K. O. Götz, Gerhard Hoehme, O. H. Hajek, Ernst Hermanns, George Karl Pfahler, Otto Piene, Bernhard Schultze, Emil Schumacher, Fred Thieler, Mac Zimmermann, Richard Oelze, Edgar Ende, URSULA, Rosemarie Bremer, Horst Hödicke, Walter Stöhrer and Konrad Lueg.


A text by Manfred de la Motte introduces the special exhibition 14 Aspekte heutiger Kunst.

The following artworks are mentioned, discussed or illustrated in the book:

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