Gerhard Richter. Atlas

AuthorFriedel, Helmut
PublisherThames & Hudson, London
DetailsHardback, 862 pages
ISBN 9780500970171
Language English

Encyclopedic new edition,which completely revises and updates the 1997 edition and includes 147 additional plates.

At 864 pages, this monumental and comprehensive publication maps the ideas, processes, life and times of Gerhard Richter. Conceived and closely edited by Richter himself, Atlas cuts straight to the heart of the artist's work, collecting more than 5,000 photographs, drawings and sketches that he has compiled or created since the moment of his creative breakthrough in 1962. The images closely parallel, year by year, the subjects of Richter's paintings, revealing the orderly but open-ended analysis that has been so central to his art. Offering invaluable insight into Richter's working process, this encyclopedic new edition - which completely revises and updates the rare, out-of-print 1997 edition and includes 147 additional plates - features 780 multi-image panels, each reproduced full page and in full color.

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