Mit Kopf und Hand. Variationen zur Zeichnung

Auteur Gohr, Siegfried / Wechsler, Max / Sondermann, Vanessa
Date 2010
Maison d'édition Kettler, Bönen
Détails Relié, 246 pages
ISBN 9783981387902
Langue Allemand

Mit Kopf und Hand. Variationen zur Zeichnung is the catalogue of an eponymous exhibition, which was presented as part of the Quadriennale Düsseldorf 2010. The medium of drawing is highlighted using the example of some of Düsseldorf Academy’s most important professors. Rarely shown drawings demonstrate the artists’ significance, which include, besides Gerhard Richter, Beuys, Graubner, Immendorff, Penck, Oehlen and Trockel.

In a prologue these artists are juxtaposed with four others who did not teach at the Düsseldorf Academy but were crucial to the formation of drawing as a medium: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Henri Michaux, Francis Picabia and Roy Lichtenstein.

Les œuvres suivantes sont mentionnées, discutées ou illustrées dans le livre:

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