Gerhard Richter. Early Work 1951-1972

Auteur Mehring, Christine / Nugent, Jeanne / Seydl, Jon L. / Curley, John J. / Gillen, Eckhart J. / Gronert, Stefan / Elger, Dietmar / Lang, Karen
Date 2011
Maison d'édition J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Détails Relié, 176 pages
ISBN 9781606060407
Langue Anglais

Gerhard Richter: Early Work, 1951–1972 is a collection of six essays, which were delivered at the symposium on the occasion of the exhibition From Caspar David Friedrich to Gerhard Richter: German Paintings from Dresden at the Getty Center, Los Angeles in 2007.

The authors focus on Richter’s early paintings, which were created during the period of the Cold War. Richter’s early artistic formation as a socialist-realist painter in the GDR is addressed as is his further artistic development after his move to West Germany.

Contributions by John J. Curley, Jeanne Anne Nugent, Eckhart J. Gillen, Christine Mehring, Stefan Gronert and Dietmar Elger.

Les œuvres suivantes sont mentionnées, discutées ou illustrées dans le livre:

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