Text 1961 bis 2007. Schriften, Interviews, Briefe

Auteur Richter, Gerhard / Elger, Dietmar / Obrist, Hans Ulrich
Date 2008
Maison d'édition Walther König, Köln
Détails Relié, 480 pages
ISBN 9783865601858
Langue Allemand

The book Gerhard Richter. Text 1961 bis 2007. Schriften, Interviews, Briefe presents a selection of Richter’s writings, including personal notes, public statements, interviews and letters.
The text relates to all the important stages of his career: his photo paintings, his colour charts, the monochrome paintings and his abstract works. The book offers the possibility to learn more about the artist’s development, his intentions and techniques. Numerous photographs and a comprehensive appendix provide background information that illuminate Richter’s art and demonstrate his position in the art world.

An English edition of the book has been published by Thames and Hudson in 2009.

Les œuvres suivantes sont mentionnées, discutées ou illustrées dans le livre:

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