Gerhard Richter: Pictures / Series

Autore Didi-Huberman, Georges / Elger, Dietmar / Kono, Michiko / Obrist, Hans Ulrich / Schwarz, Dieter
Data 2014
Casa editrice Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern
Editore Obrist, Hans Ulrich
Dettagli Copertina rigida, 188 pagine
ISBN 9783906053158, 9783775738057
Lingua Inglese

The catalogue Gerhard Richter. Pictures / Series accompanies Gerhard Richter’s exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler. The show is curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, a longstanding friend of Richter, and looks back at 60 years of the artist’s work. The exhibition focuses on work he created since the 1960s; namely, series, cycles and interior spaces. According to Obrist, too little attention has been devoted to this specific section of his oeuvre to date. Works exhibited in groups are juxtaposed with single pieces, which act as both counterpoints characteristic of Richter’s style, yet simultaneously illuminate the similarities between the different bodies of work.


Besides illustrations of the exhibited paintings, the catalogue also includes texts contributed by Sam Keller, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Dieter Schwarz. The essays by Obrist and Schwarz primarily analyse Richter’s series. An interview between the curator and Richter reveals the background of the development of the series. Furthermore, the catalogue includes a letter by George Didi-Huberman, who shares his thoughts after a visit to the artist’s studio.

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