Gerhard Richter, Maler

Autore Elger, Dietmar
Data 2002
Casa editrice DuMont, Köln
Dettagli Copertina rigida, 420 pagine
ISBN 9783832158484
Lingua Tedesco

Gerhard Richter has been widely regarded as a publicity shy artist. However, the biography Gerhard Richter, Maler gives an insight into Richter’s personal history as well as into the development of his artistic œuvre.
Besides an evaluation of numerous letters and material from the Gerhard Richter archive, the book includes conversations with the artist as well as several of his contemporaries. Dietmar Elger, director of the Gerhard Richter Archive, describes Richter’s daily studio routine and his creative process. Thanks to detailed background information, this book contributes to an understanding of Richter’s art in connection with his life.

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