Gerhard Richter. Zur Entstehung der Abstrakten Bilder. Schriften des Gerhard Richter Archiv Dresden ; Bd. 5

Autore Wilmes, Ulrich
Data 2009
Casa editrice Walther König, Köln
Dettagli Brossura, 56 pagine
ISBN 9783865606518
Lingua Tedesco

Gerhard Richter. Zur Entstehung der Abstrakten Bilder is the 5th volume of publications from the Gerhard Richter Archive Dresden. The volume includes a lecture by Ulrich Wilmes and his interview with Richter, which took place on the occasion of the exhibition Gerhard Richter. Abstract Paintings at Museum Ludwig, Cologne and Haus der Kunst, Munich. The lecture examines the creative process behind Richter’s abstract paintings.

Photographs document the work in progress of paintings such as Cage [CR: 897/1-6] and Red [CR: 821]. The question that becomes apparent is: When does the artist consider a painting to be finished? The interview offers insights into Richter’s own understanding of his abstract works.