Gerhard Richter. Aquarelle = Watercolors 1964 - 1997

作者 Schwarz, Dieter
日期 1999
出版社 Richter Verlag, Düsseldorf
图书资料 精装, 153 页
国际标准书号 3933807050
语言 德文, 英文

For the artist, producing works on paper creates a reflective distance from his painterly oeuvre. It is clearly evident that time and time again Richter returns to watercolours when his oil work moves into a new direction. This is for example apparent when looking at Richter’s abstract pictures. He began to explore different themes and while doing we find the appearance of his first abstract watercolours as well. They are obviously to a different scale and medium but they go to provide a base from which his larger paintings can play off of, and vice versa.


This book is composed of over 100 colour reproductions of Richter’s watercolours, as well as a discussion between the artist and Dieter Schwarz examining the diverse strands within his work.

The following artworks are mentioned, discussed or illustrated in the book:

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