Gerhard Richter. Elbe 1957. 31 Monotypien. Schriften des Gerhard Richter Archiv Dresden ; Bd. 4

作者 Elger, Dietmar / Schwarz, Dieter
日期 2009
出版社 Walther König, Köln
图书资料 平装, 74 页
国际标准书号 9783865605887
语言 德文

The publication Gerhard Richter: Elbe. 31 Monotypien, 1957 is the 4th volume of publications from the Gerhard Richter Archive, Dresden, and is dedicated to 31 monotypes, which Richter created in 1957. Before Richter fled from the GDR in 1961, he left the prints in the safekeeping of a friend.
The works are the result of experiments that Richter had undertook with an ink roller during a printing course. The monotypes appear as abstracted landscapes and foreshadow Richter's later Abstract Paintings.

When Gerhard Richter saw the works again, almost 30 years later, he entitled them Elbe, which is the name of the river running through Dresden. These monotypes are considered to be the earliest officially recognised works by the artist.

With a foreword by Dietmar Elger and a text contribution by Dieter Schwarz.

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