Gerhard Richter. Red Yellow Blue. The BMW Paintings

作者 Friedel, Helmut / Storr, Robert
日期 2007
出版社 Prestel, München
图书资料 精装, 127 页
国际标准书号 9783791338606
语言 英文

Gerhard Richter. Red, Yellow, Blue by Helmut Friedel analyses and contextualises the paintings Red, Yellow and Blue [CR: 345/1-3] commissioned by BMW for their Munich headquarters, within the context of Richter’s œuvre.

During the years 1970 to 1980 Gerhard Richter frequently addressed paint as a means of painting and especially images of pastose brush strokes. This examination led to the large works Red, Yellow and Blue of 1973, each measuring 3 x 6 metres. The BMW headquarters themselves are also considered, as the space, for which Richter created the paintings.

A text contribution by Robert Storr places Red, Yellow, and Blue in an historical context and refers to the historical aspects that might have played a role in the creative process of the BMW works.