Gerhard Richter. Atlas. Tafeln / Sheets 784 - 802

作者 Friedel, Helmut
日期 2013
出版社 Walther König, Köln
图书资料 平装, 31 页
国际标准书号 9783863354824
语言 德文, 英文

Released on the occasion of the exhibition Gerhard Richter. Atlas – Mikromega, this supplementary volume completes the 2006 publication Gerhard Richter. Atlas with the recently added sheets 784 – 802. Besides the illustration of the sheets, which were created between 2009 and 2013, Helmut Friedel tracks the extension in the introductory text. He recognises continuities in regard to commissioned portraits and landscapes, but also alterations. A new aspect is the spatial concepts, which are achievable unlike the earlier utopian sketches.

A central role in the whole of Atlas is the contrast between large and small, which is reflected in the title of the exhibition “Mikromega”: a combination of these two words in Greek.

The following artworks are mentioned, discussed or illustrated in the book:

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