Yksityinen/Julkinen: Ars 95

Private/Public: Ars 95

Nykytaiteen Museo, Helsinki, Finland

11 February 1995 - 28 May 1995

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01 January 1995


Nykytaiteen museon julkaisuja, Helsinki




English, Finnish


Group Exhibitions


The catalogue documented the exhibition Yksityinen/Julkinen = Private/Public: ARS 95, which was held in Nykytaiteen Museo in Helsinki. The exhibition was the biggest international contemporary art exhibition in a Nordic State. It presented 90 artists from 23 countries. Its aim was to give the Finish audience an understanding of this type of art.


The catalogue examines the main topic of the exhibition: private versus public. The artworks are divided into four categories: language, society, individual, and artificial reality. Gerhard Richter’s series Bach [CR: 785, 786, 787, 788] is classified in the category language.


The catalogue shows artworks by Lawrence Weiner, Rosemarie Trockel, Sigmar Polke, Bruce Nauman, Juan Muñoz, Anish Kapoor, Mona Hatoum, Vito Acconci and Antony Gormley amongst others.


With text contributions by Tuula Arkio, Maaretta Jaukkuri, Jonathan Friedman, Michael Glasmeier, Yonah Foncé-Zimmerman and Asko Mäkelä.

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ARS 95. Yksityinen, Julkinen = Private, Public 1995