Kunst aus Fotografie. Was machen Künstler heute mit Fotografie? Montagen - Übermalungen - Gemälde - Dokumente - Fotobilder

AuthorLeppien, Helmut R.
PublisherKunstverein Hannover, Hannover
DetailsSoftcover, 83 pages
Language German

The catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition Kunst aus Fotografie. Was machen Künstler heute mit Fotografie? Montagen, Übermalungen, Gemälde, Dokumente, Fotobilder that was held at Kunstverein Hannover in 1973. Different forms of artistic debates with photography are analysed.

In the catalogue Gerhard Richter’s work 48 Portraits is separately discussed in the chapter Painting after Photographs. In the exhibition, this work was presented as photographic reproduction.


With text contributions by Helmut R. Leppien.