Grau ohne Grund. Gerhard Richters Monochromien als Herausforderung der Künstlerischen Avantgarde

Author Friedrich, Julia
Date 2009
Publisher Strzelecki Books, Köln
Details Softcover, 208 pages
ISBN 9783981271430
Language German

The book Grau ohne Grund: Gerhard Richters Monochromien als Herausforderung der künstlerischen Avantgarde is based on a doctoral thesis, that concentrates on Gerhard Richter’s monochrome pictures. Beginning with Kazimir Malevich, monochromes by other artists are also analysed and comparatively juxtaposed with Richter’s.
Gerhard Richter’s unique position, which differs a great deal from the artistic avant-garde, is also highlighted. In particular, the work Eight Grey (2002) [CR: 878/1-8] is closely examined, and the formation of Richter’s monochrome works is traced along the context of his œuvre.


The following artworks are mentioned, discussed or illustrated in the book:

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