Gerhard Richter

Unfinished Business

2011 Kaja Silverman 1 h 24 min 21 sec

Unfinished Business
Kaja Silverman

Panorama: New Perspectives on Richter
Symposium at Tate Modern, London, UK
21 October 2011

Kaja Silverman looks at the role that analogy plays in Richter's œuvre, which becomes apparent in his approach to e.g. photography and painting or figuration and abstraction.

Kaja Silverman is Emerita Professor of Rhetoric and Film & Media, and the author of eight books. In the second half of her publication Flesh of My Flesh, 2009, she analyses the work of three contemporary artists: Terrence Malick, James Coleman, and Gerhard Richter. She retired from UC Berkeley in June 2010. She is currently the Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Chair of Contemporary Art at the History of Art Department, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104.