Gerhard Richter: Editions 1965-2004

ÉditeurHatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit
ÉditeurButin, Hubertus / Gronert, Stefan
DétailsRelié, 320 pages
ISBN 3775714316
Langue Anglais

The catalogue raisonné of Gerhard Richters editions 1965–2004 was published to coincide with exhibitions in Bonn, Lucerne, Emden, Tübingen and Salzburg.

Authorised by Gerhard Richter, this catalogue takes into account limited edition objects, graphics and photographs as well as oil painting editions, artists' posters and artists' books. It is an edited and extended version of an editions' catalogue raisonné published in 1993.

The text contributions analyse the idea behind the editions and their design and consider them in the context of Richter's œuvre. Thus the limited edition pieces reflect essential focus points of his painterly work: in addition to portraits, still lifes and landscapes, also monochrome and abstract works can be found within the editions, as can the result of his engagement in glass materials and the principle of chance.

Text contributions by Hubertus Butin, Stefan Gronert and Catharina Manchanda.

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