Gerhard Richter. Portraits

Auteur Gronert, Stefan / Butin, Hubertus
Date 2006
Maison d'édition Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit
Détails Relié, 224 pages
ISBN 9783775717250
Langue Anglais

Gerhard Richter. Portraits is the first publication that focuses solely on Richter’s portraits, many of which have now gained both recognition and veneration across the globe.


In his essay, Stefan Gronert discusses the position of the portrait in the artist’s oeuvre. He begins by looking at Richter’s early black and white pictures, then moving on to his more recent colour charts. The artist has explored this subject through various media, including painting, graphic reproduction, drawings, photography and film. Research conducted for this publication unearthed portraits in the artist’s archive that were hitherto unknown; now published in this monograph for the first time.

In his essay, Hubert Butin examines some of these newly discovered works; in particular focusing on Richter’s portrait photography of the 1960s.



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