Gerhard Richter. 100 Bilder

Autore Pelzer, Birgit / Tosatto, Guy / Obrist, Hans-Ulrich
Data 1996
Casa editrice Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit
Dettagli Copertina rigida, 153 pagine
ISBN 9782907650205
Lingua Francese

Designed by the artist himself, this publication gives a rare insight into one of the most intensive work periods (1995–1996) of Richter’s life.


It commences by introducing pictures, which having been kept in the artist’s studio had never been on view. Although mostly focussing on abstract works, an intimate cycle of eight photo paintings in a smaller format is also included: an autobiographic cycle depicting his third wife Sabine Moritz, a painter herself, and their first son Moritz in a Madonna-like pose.

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