Wolkenbilder. Die Erfindung des Himmels

AutoreKunz, Stephan / Stückelberger, Johannes / Wismer, Beat
EditoreHirmer Verlag, München
DettagliCopertina rigida, 264 pagine
ISBN 3777426059
Lingua Tedesco

The catalogue Wolkenbilder. Die Erfindung des Himmels was published on the occasion of the group exhibition Wolkenbilder. Von John Constable bis Gerhard Richter at Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau in 2005.

More than 20 artists that address the topic of clouds are united in this catalogue. Numerous text contributions try to understand the artists' fascination with the sky, whereas Gerhard Richter's Clouds pictures are analysed separately by Johannes Stückelberger.