Gerhard Richter: The Daily Practice of Painting. Writings and Interviews 1962–1993

Autor Richter, Gerhard / Obrist, Hans Ulrich
Datum 1995
Verlag Thames & Hudson, London
Details , 288 Seiten
ISBN 0500278369
Sprache Englisch

Gerhard Richter has always emphasized that he is first and foremost a painter, and has never been a theorist. Although known as a man of few words this has not stopped him from uttering provocative, contentious, and memorable statements throughout his career.


Considered to be one of the foremost painters of his generation this book makes available a selection of Richter's texts from all periods of his career. Over seven years in preparation, it collects public statements concerning specific exhibitions, private reflections with friends and professionals, sometimes both, answers posed by critics as well as excerpts from journals discussing his intentions, subjects, methods, and sources of the works from various periods.


These writings are accompanied by 87 photographs from the artist's personal collection.