Gerhard Richter

Perspectives and Viewpoint

2011 Susanne Küper 32 min 08 sec

Perspectives and Viewpoint: Gerhard Richter's Collaboration with Konrad Lueg (1963) and Blinky Palermo (1971)
Susanne Küper

Panorama: New Perspectives on Richter
Symposium at Tate Modern, London, UK
21 October 2011

Susanne Küper focuses on Richter's cooperation with his artist friends Konrad Lueg and Blinky Palermo. She looks at the differences between the artists' works and emphasises the different ways of reading Richter's art.

Susanne Küper is a German art historian and curator. The author of numerous articles on Modern and Contemporary Art, she curated a Palermo exhibition at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf in 2006, and has been in charge of the Michel Majerus estate since 2004.