Gerhard Richter: Fotografías pintadas

作者 Heinzelmann, Markus / Schneede, Uwe M. / Strauss, Botho / Hustvedt, Siri
日期 2009
出版社 La Fabrica Editorial, Madrid
编辑 Heinzelmann, Markus
图书资料 精装, 389 页
国际标准书号 9788492498840
语言 西班牙语

Gerhard Richter. Fotografías pintadas was published to coincide with the exhibition at the Museum Morsbroich in Leverkusen and at the Centre de la photographie in Geneva.

For the first time, an exhibition and catalogue give an overview of Gerhard Richter’s overpainted photographs, dated from 1986 onwards. 400 largely unpublished artworks were brought together from numerous private collections, including Gerhard Richter’s own.

Edited by Markus Heinzelmann, with texts by Siri Hustvedt, Markus Heinzelmann, Uwe M. Schneede and Botho Strauss.

The following artworks are mentioned, discussed or illustrated in the book:

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